Ontax Accounting is a firm that provides a high standard of accounting for Small Businesses and Corporations in the Greater Toronto and Surrounding areas. We stay on the leading edge of issues, changes, and technology. Above all, we possess a strong desire to see your succeed! At Ontax Accounting we keep in mind that your reporting requirements are very important in helping you make key business decisions. We know your business, maintain strong communication as well as save you both time and money by providing a structured set of services aimed at growing your business.

T4 (employment earnings)

RRSP Contributions

T4AP (pension income)

Child Care/ Fitness/ Arts

T4OAS (old age pension)

Safety Deposit box receipt

T4CPP (Canadian Pension Plan)

Medical receipts (statement from Pharmacy)

T5007 (social assistance,

WCB) Charitable Donation

T4A Transit Passes original (monthly)

T4RSP (RRSP income) Rent/Property tax receipt

T5 (investment slip) Disability Certificate

T2201 T4E EI payments slip Dependants Information

RC62 (for children under 6 years)

Tuition T2202